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The pilgrims were en route back to Iran from the Iraqi Shiite holy city of Karbala, where they had commemorated a Shiite religious observance known as Arbaeen.Recharge in our Signature bed – where we guarantee ultimate comfort and sound sleep, kick back with smart amenities, and stay connected with high-speed Internet – all the essentials for an effortless stay in the center of Amman.Take in sweeping views of the Amman skyline from the comfort of our vibrant, high-style hotel.Antonio Valencia - Manchester United - 7.2818When fit Antonio Valencia has been a favourite of a number of Manchester United managers and that certainly seems to be the case under Jose Mourinho, making the perceived problem right-back position his own. Hakan Calhanoglu - Bayer Leverkusen - 7.2823Four goals and four assists this season helped the Turkey international sneak into our list. riri KT Ktoj i* Mil Ai fllil Hl Ml HI mrbm Al U rat 1XP1BM ITTAHIM J.l'*S»t A'lt Il'*°i r ''l AATt'l DAV^JJSto DLnoraaiu ...

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Jonathan Viera - Las Palmas - 7.2609Las Palmas are becoming a neutral's favourite in La Liga given their attractive style and playmaker Jonathan Viera is key to that, picking up where he left off last season having had a hand in 19 goals from attacking midfield.97.

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