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When Tim's abuse goes too far, however, Lily finally snaps, swearing vengeance upon the two men who have taken so much pleasure in her suffering. She is the Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme.From the icy scorn of her tyrannical father to the callous men she chooses to date as a grown woman, every man in Lily's life has treated her with the same sense of distain and cruelty.When Lily falls hard for playboy Tim's (Andy Davoli) seductive charm, it comes as no surprise that the thoughtless womanizer treats her much the same as the other men in her past, and not even Lily's best friend, Kilo (Rachel Robinson), can convince her that Tim is a wolf in sheep's clothing.Benny is in business with his brother Teddy (John Malkovich).Because of Matty being part of a known crime family, he can't get honest employment.

(Of course legal 'of age' virgins are just as rare now as they are in the future) The Reverend (Nutjob in real life) (Jeff Conaway) has an unusual appetite for virgins, and wants them, but our hunter has fallen for one of the gals, and wants her for himself.These are hostile times, and it’s a hostile place where the army soldier make their last stand.The outpost, surrounded by the hostile invaders, is earth’s last stand before a second world attack.A lifelong cycle of abuse reaches a shocking climax for a woman who has suffered at the hands of men for far too long in this emotionally devastating tale from filmmaker Jean-Marc Vallée.Ever since she was a little girl, Lily (Laurel Holloman) has been stuck in what seems like a never-ending series of abusive relationships.

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