Aoe 2 updating system settings

(Not bound by default.) - Added Slow motion icon to toolbox when enabled (click to turn slomo off) - Added button to reset Power properties - Modified splash screen - Modified physics to allow Sleeping (FEEDBACK WANTED.) - Modified Cutter to cut physics shapes and graphics separately.

(FEEDBACK WANTED.) - Modified physics simulation timestep (the game should feel less floaty) - Modified standing force strengths - Modified Sticky items to use welds instead of weak joints - Modified Sticky items stick thresholds - Modified Death and Drain powers to have identical effects to their sword counterparts - Modified Concussion durations - Modified bullets not to be able to ricochet off soft items - Modified Spawn Menu size - Modified Revolver sound effect - Modified Molotov to be brittle - Modified Water to remove stickiness - Fixed some projectiles disabling default properties when inheriting firearm properties - Fixed cut items getting properties from Spawn Menu instead of the original item - Fixed cut shapes not inheriting properties from the original shapes - Fixed Blunt damage scaling incorrectly with Alive item size - Fixed Mini Nuke Ao E not scaling with item size How do you shoot? Ma D2 is very different from Ma D1 when it comes to the controls, some confusion is to be expected in the beginning.

Objectives with higher weights will be covered in the exam with more questions.

Purchase Voucher Weight: 2 Description: Candidates should be able to utilize kernel components that are necessary to specific hardware, hardware drivers, system resources and requirements.

Note: the exam with the v4.0 objectives (201-400) will remain available until August 2017.

You may write any version of the exams and they will count toward your LPIC-2 equally.

This objective includes implementing different types of kernel images, identifying stable and development kernels and patches, as well as using kernel modules.

Key Knowledge Areas: Description: Candidates should be able to properly configure a kernel to include or disable specific features of the Linux kernel as necessary.

A powerful interface allows players to easily implement their economic, strategic, and tactical decisions.About Objective Weights: Each objective is assigned a weighting value.The weights indicate the relative importance of each objective on the exam.## [New Ma D2 forums can now be found here.]( ## As such, this megathread is obsolete, and not being monitored. page=12#posts-7651991)   ### **Social** [Facebook]( Doll) [Twitter]( Doll) [You Tube]( Doll) Ma D2 June Update: **over 50 new items, and more! []( * * * **Patchnotes** : - Added a bunch of items (too many to list, see Library \ Newest) - Added item velocity to saves. - Modified ALL projectiles not to be able to collide with each other.* * *   ## [**Play Ma D2**]( on Kongregate ### [**Download Ma D2**]( at   ! []( Nf3ef.png)]( LTHbz )   ### **Features** - Physics sandbox - [300 items and counting]( LTHbz Y.png) (not all pictured) - Destructible objects - Cutting system - Contraptions - Saveable and shareable levels - Lots and lots of blood  ### **Links** [Ma D Lab]( - Added support for Decal and Invisible layers in the item format - Added Sleep property (physics will start simulating only after the item is touched or moved.) - Added Launch Tool - Added Concuss Power (Note that this will be hidden by default if you have modified the powers list.) - Added Concussion particles - Added Random Skin button to Skin menu. (FEEDBACK WANTED.) - Modified ALL shrapnel not to be able to collide with each other.

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Due to the large file size involved (275 MB), this will lead to some wait time the next time you try to launch the game.

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