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Active Shield is the component of the Mc Afee Internet Security Suite antivirus which monitors incoming and outgoing traffic in real time to proactively detect and block threats.This screen allows you to choose how Active Shield starts and what types of traffic it will monitor.Trouble is I use this for business and it's sending the wrong message altogether. You have stumbled across AOL's "Buddy Icons" where you can select a picture to include in every e-mail.I don't know how it got there and for the life of me I can't find how to delete it. It looks like there are thousands of Buddies to choose from, including 36 different cats!The central portion of this main console window provides a graphic representation of the state of your security.Green bars with text illustrate the level of protection.

The remainder will see these photos as attachments that need to be downloaded. If you don't have the "Insert Pictures" option in your AOL program, here's how you can log in through your web browser: When ever I send an email from AOL (website not program) I have this cute picture of a white cat in the title area.The testing procedure included the points described in the Test Checklist below.Readers should be aware that our approval only applies to the functionality and browsers/OS version, and to the specific program version / build number of each product listed here".We still invite your questions but please be aware we are only answering a small fraction of the AOL questions we receive. Unfortunately, this prevents us from answering every question we receive. The trick is to "insert" pictures into your e-mails as opposed to "attaching" them. Here's the step-by-step for putting pictures directly in your e-mails: That's all there is to it.If we're unable to answer your question, here are some other places to try: AOL is my service provider. When I send my pictures to friends, they always have to download them. I know that when I receive pictures from Yahoo members and members they come through directly. This feature is "Under Maintenance" and scheduled to return at the beginning of next year. AOL, to my surprise, does a pretty good job of inlining photos in your messages. One thing that really impressed my about AOL's Insert Pictures feature is that it includes a link to the full resolution picture.

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And while there aren’t quite 10 SKUs, as would befit the name, there are at least seven different versions (or editions), which is six more than absolutely necessary.

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