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The expert on strange phenomena, and also the leader of operations for the Romanian State, Cezar Brad, is the “hero” of the shocking events that occurred in the Bucegi Mountains.

A SRI helicopter brought this arrogant, tall gentleman, wearing a black suit. His face expressed harshness and his green eyes had a strange effect, radiating unusual coldness.Place Plumereau is also a great place to sit at one of the cafes and enjoy people-watching.Around the edges of the square there are beautiful 12th to 15th century half timbered houses and it’s a great place to sit and have a drink or eat your lunch.Since there were hundreds of thousands of uniquely different bottles produced in the United States (and Canada**) between the late 18th century and the 1950s (Fike 1987), it is beyond the scope or even possibility of this site (or website or book) to provide specific details about more than just a tiny fraction of a percent of that variety of bottles.Even then the bottles discussed in depth are so primarily to illustrate the presented information and concepts.

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