Are junhyung and hara still dating

I am much older fan of Korean music, K Pop and dramas, and she is one of my very favorites. It will give you tears, laughter, bring back days of your youth and teach you a few lessons. Plus, she knows how to play a guitar and that made her looks more charming. The moment when she backfires the 'rich' group, that really make her look charming. They depend on and look to each other for consolation.

There were also some instagram posts of Taeyeon (we aaaaaall know how much she loves giving hints of her private life on Instagram just like she did with that Oreo shit with Baekhyun) where she might have hinted at something. WHAAAAAAA I'm assuming she dated him in 2013 when they released Shadow... Also I remember hearing from someone who works in the kpop industry (promotion section) that Taeyeon is notorious for cheating on her boyfriends....

♡ Seems like they went to watch “The Avangers” together.♥ Check the best Jun Hara fancam we have until now, on “Korean Music Wave in Google”. )♡ Interview on Inkigayo at 120729: → The MC trolling on Hara (engsub via dsparadise)→ The stares, the laughs, the teasers ♥ While in a radio show at August 10 (2012), the DJ said to Junhyung that he got more manly and more handsome, so she asked: “Are you dating? He timidly smiled and replied: “Y-Yes (Post/Video)♡ Junhyung is a one-woman man, indeed. (Post)♥ In MBC’s All The K-POP on September 7th (2012) Junhyung was trolled by the MCs in the game ”Give the names of members in idol girl groups one after the other”.

(Post)♡ In MBC’s All the K-POP on September 21st (2012) KARA members had to send a message to their “future husband”. ) saying “boyfriend” instead of “husband” and quickly fixed the situation (lol).

(Post)♡ On Golden Disk Awards, on January 19th, KARA and BEAST received the Bonsang Award together!

Guess who was the sweet girlfriend who couldn’t hold herself and took a look at her gorgeous boyfriend?

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