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Many of the modelers drive 50 or more miles to attend the weekly fly.

Neophytes to old timer building and flying are more than welcome.

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Model airplane builders used to be youthful enthusiasts and essentially WERE the market - now the model industry is adult oriented and caters primarily to radio control from giant scale down to park flyers. Would you like to become involved with radio controlled vintage model flying? Would you like to have a flying site that is devoted to R/C vintage models (i.e. SAM is an international organization of vintage fliers and holds a national competition each year (SAM Champs).It started out as a group of men getting together in a "club" in order to get around the legal opening hours of taverns in New York City. The club took on a new role as it started to look out for poor families of members who passed away. The Society of Antique Modelers (SAM) is an international organization which carries on the tradition of flying old timer models, primarily those designed prior to 1943; many flying activities and contests are held in the U. is the Central Coast organization which fosters and promotes R/C vintage model flying through informal weekly "fly" sessions and several contests during the year.SAM 26 has a flying site (not suitable for free flight) available on Saturday mornings and has a dedicated group that tries to fill the air with old timers - including ignition engines, glow engines, gliders, and electric powered models, each trying to find that elusive thermal.

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