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The school was bombed towards the end of the war, Sister Victorine was killed, the school was destroyed and much of Hans Asperger's early work was lost.

It was this event that arguably delayed the understanding of autism spectrum conditions in the west.

Asperger Syndrome (AS) is a neurobiological disorder on the higher-functioning end of the autism spectrum.

An individual’s symptoms can range from mild to severe.

Neurotypical (or NT) is a term that was coined in the autistic community as a label for those other people who are not on the autism spectrum.

Asperger syndrome is thought to manifest as a developmental disorder, and is not considered a mental illness.

Like Autism, Asperger Syndrome was almost certainly around a very long time before any publications were made describing it or before it was given any official title or name.

In 1926, Eva Sucharewa, a Russian neurological scientific assistant, wrote a paper referring to the "Schizoid Personality of Childhood", giving was an account of 6 boys and their behavioural habits and very strongly resembled the findings from Hans Asperger.

Information you won’t find at the library or bookstore.Asperger was convinced that many of the children he identified as having autistic symptoms would use their special talents in adulthood. Hans Asperger’s positive outlook contrasts strikingly with Leo Kanner's description of autism, of which Asperger's is often considered to be a high-functioning form.Near the end of World War II, Asperger opened a school for children with autistic psychopathy, with Sister Victorine.Many of them are at risk for developing mood disorders, such as anxiety or depression, especially in adolescence.Diagnosis of autistic spectrum disorders should be made by a medical expert to rule out other possible diagnoses and to discuss interventions. An individual might have all or only some of the described behaviors to have a diagnosis of AS.

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Their IQ’s are typically in the normal to very superior range.

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