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Fran Greene is a nationally renowned relationship expert.

She has a private practice working with singles who want to maximize their social life and couples who want to improve their relationship.

There she sees Christian for the first time since their breakup. We’re about ten minutes into this movie and the main character has three guys tripping over each other to be with her because they’re obsessed with her.

He’s also presented a chance to potentially reunite with his ex, but they didn’t title this, “We Are Men and One Neutered Married Guy,” did they?

Shalhoub gets the most mileage out of the material (Frank even has an attractive grown daughter), while Smith’s Carter is even blander than perhaps intended.

On the other hand, not all relationships are good for children to be exposed to.

In general, judges have concerns about the following: *Relationships that start IMMEDIATELY after a break-up *A relationship with someone who has substance abuse problems or a criminal record *Relationships that put children from different families in the same house right after a break up, while the children are still adjusting to the new status quo *Relationships where there is conflict between the two different sets of children In any of those cases, the judge can make restrictions, such as ordering that the new significant other not be living with the children at the beginning, or restricting contact between the children and the new boyfriend or girlfriend.

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