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If you feel hurt, distressed and offended quite quickly all of the time in a variety of situations around a variety of people then you’re either surrounded by a hell of a lot of shady people or yes, there are potentially sensitivity issues which may be stemming from feeling that you’re always under attack and thinking that everything is about you or just having a ‘negative association’ with something.

So many readers tell me stories of open and shut cases of assholery or where something has been said or done and they’ve expressed discomfort / concern or just questioned it and been met with accusations of being “too sensitive” or “it was just a joke” or “Jeez!Here’s the thing: When you’re truly being “sensitive” it means means easily distressed, hurt, and offended by slight changes or basically by something slight.Really, is anything that you’ve been wondering if you’re being ‘too sensitive’ about really that slight?Since many of us hate the constant stream of scheduling and text exchanges that comes with online dating, Whim’s design can get you from behind your phone screen into that cute art gallery you’ve been meaning to check out without a massive (and ultimately fruitless) time-suck.You select what nights you’re available and what area you’ll be in, and when you match with someone you’re given a day and time that works for both of you—and even a suggestion on a fun place to meet."Often, the people who I was most excited about based on our pre-date conversation were the biggest disappointments in real life,” Whim’s founder and CEO Eve Peters tells Glamour.

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