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However, if you would permit us a moment, we'd like to shine a little light on the girl who shines a lot of light in Aragorn's life. You weren't in it as much as we were expecting you. (She laughs, and explains) A lot of times what's happening to me in that situation is people, I guess maybe because I'm more famous, people put lot of pressure on me, and say, "Oh, your part's so small. " I always say to them that I'm playing this part and she's not in the film. TYLER: I think it was because of the nature of my character being so all over the place.

The elven enchantress and vanquisher of Ring Wraiths &#Array; she who is Arwen, Liv Tyler. She's consistently there all throughout the three, but it is what it is. I didn't and to hang out with her very much off set though. I didn't go down there and have, you know, three other boys that I was going to hang out with, you know, as with the Hobbits. I guess I felt like a little bit of an outsider, which was good because so did my character in a way. Viggo is really funny because is he loves the Elvish and all the kind of hard, challenging things.

Because Ben Affleck is a movie star and looks like one, you might expect him to start dating eventually, but no.

You might expect that he could find another high-paying PR job, but no.

"Jersey Girl" is a romantic comedy written and directed by a kinder, gentler Kevin Smith.

But I do remember when [Miranda] first arrived I was really excited that there was another actress who was down here now. It was a really weird moment because I kind of went, wow!

We all know about the weird, now-legendary pairings of, say, Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton or Ryan Reynolds and Alanis Morissette, but there are heaps of other couples that time has forgotten about...but, thanks to the internet and our own personal torch-carrying, we haven't.

By the time the story resumes, he has moved back to New Jersey and is living in the same house with his father Bart (George Carlin) and his beloved daughter Gertie (Raquel Castro), who is now about 7.

He's not in public relations anymore; he works with his dad in the public works department.

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  2. It’s a funny thing, but every time you hear older men defending their penchant for girlfriends half their age, they always say: ‘She keeps me young.’ Unfortunately, young men have the opposite effect. Domestically, because you are the older one, you take responsibility (and blame) for everything from contraception to gas bills to dinner. I didn’t care if he got ‘found’; I cared only that he got lost.