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First seen bailing Durst out of jail after his 2001 murder arrest, Charatan appears only in archival police interview footage, where she's a brash, sarcastic presence.

(She declined to be interviewed for the documentary, perhaps wisely.) With little else to go on, both The pair moved into an Upper East Side apartment together in 1990, the same year Durst officially divorced his missing wife, but the cohabitation was short-lived.

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It was this sort of innovation in response to the customer’s needs that would make Dunhill Pipes the leader in its field.

Alfred Dunhill wanted his pipes to be known around the world.

A New York judge recently declared Kathleen Durst dead as of 1987, beyond the state's legal time limit for a wrongful-death suit.

In 1904 Alfred invented the Windshield Pipe, hoping to combat some of the difficulties a smoker would face while driving.

(She kept the apartment.) The pair kept in contact throughout Durst's travels in the ’90s, and she was reportedly a "lifeline" for him whenever he visited New York.

They were secretly married in December 2000, just before the death of Durst's friend Susan Berman According to transcripts of jailhouse phone calls obtained by the New York Post, the decision was a purely mercenary one: Kennedy wanted to go with an insanity defense, which could jeopardize both Durst and Charatan's share of his family's fortune.

After Hours Charatan pipes are actually short shanked pipes with an extension.

When his father retired in 1910, Reuben Charatan took over the family business. The brandname has been overtoken by Dunhill in 1978 and sold in 1988 to James B. Dunhill re-purchased Charatan brand name in 2002 and Colin Fromm (Invicta Briars, Castleford) follows up on freehand production.

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