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He didn't just hawk a juice machine, he drank his fruit and veggie concoctions religiously. La Lanne lived an active lifestyle for 96 years, with his only major health condition being heart surgery—at age 95.He once said "I can't die—it'd ruin my image." We say, in this rare instance, he's wrong."This team needs to be in the playoffs; it's time," Chatman said.

"I know that this year's players, especially those who were around last year too, are committed to the playoffs this season." Chicago took its first step toward playoff action with a 69-57 win on the road in the season-opener May 19 against the Washington Mystics.

"It was nice to start the season on the road with a win, to gut out the victory," Chatman said.

The Sky home opener was May 25—and the regular season runs through September.

Seven will be special for the Chicago Sky—at least that's the thought of head coach Pokey Chatman, the fourth head coach in the team's history, now in her second season.

Special means only one thing for this WNBA team: the playoffs, which would be a team-first. We're working to make sure the names on paper also look good on the court," Chatman said.

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