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Horizontal cables run from telecommunications room patch panels to logically placed zone distribution box connections mounted in plenum spaces or raised floors as part of the horizontal cabling system.Copper or fiber cables then run from zone distribution boxes to specific zones or outlets, using patch cords to connect.

If an insurer writes coverage in the small group market, it must offer the 51-100 group policyholder the option to purchase all other comprehensive hospital/medical coverage currently being offered by the insurer in the small group market. Some insurers are planning to discontinue policies that are no longer AV compliant for the existing metal tier while others plan to make cost sharing changes to keep the policy within the existing metal tier.

In addition to offering all of its available coverages, an insurer may opt to designate or automatically assign a default replacement policy that is the most similar to the group’s existing large group coverage. Consequently, any policy issued for a period of greater than 12 months would not be in compliance with the market reform and rating requirements in the PHSA and is prohibited. An employer's group size is based upon the employer's actual number of FTE employees and not upon the number of employees being offered coverage in a class based on conditions pertaining to employment. an employer with more than 100 FTE employees) wishes to offer coverage to a permissible class of employees based on conditions pertaining to employment pursuant to 11 NYCRR 52.18 (f), the class should be issued large group coverage regardless of how many employees are in the class. For insurers opting to discontinue non-AV compliant policies, discontinuance notices need to be issued.

Groups must be provided with the option to opt-out of the designated replacement policy and choose another policy. community rating, single risk pools, essential health benefits, etc...) in the Public Health Service Act (PHSA) should be applied on a "plan year" basis. Any policies that have been issued or renewed for a period greater than 12 months should be revised to apply a 12 month period. The common law test to determine control would look at behavioral control, financial control and the type of relationship between the parties. For example, an employer with 200 FTE employees in Manhattan and 20 FTE employees in Syracuse wants to offer coverage to the Syracuse employees as a distinct class based on geographic location. 2510.2-3(b), an "employee benefit plan" does not exist if no "employees" are covered by the plan. Changes to keep a policy at an existing metal tier that are due to the mandatory application of the 2016 AV calculator will be treated as a uniform modification.

Prior approval of the Reserve Bank is not necessary for banks desirous of undertaking credit card business either independently or in tie-up arrangement with other card issuing banks. However, only banks with networth of 100 crore and above should undertake credit card business.

Under New York law and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), the definition of "small group" will be 1-100 employees as of January 1, 2016. Therefore, all non-grandfathered groups with 1-100 employees renewing on or after January 1, 2016 must be issued small group coverage. However, in all cases, insurers are encouraged to provide at least 45 days prior written notice. 2590.732(d) an "employee" does not include the sole owner of a business or a spouse of the business owner.

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