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The ending to his game is near and she now realizes that there is truly no escape as she cries into the bed. Sanity wraps Super Girl's own cloak around her neck and pulls tight....

A phone call is made to the local pizza shop with the address and directions to come inside.

Yesterday, when I wrote the majority of this article I had told a few close friends, “I’m not sure what to think about what it is we do if this does not mean God has selected Trump”.

Meanwhile, Edendale would have become something of a -esque police state as the Government try to figure out when the warships are arriving by any nefarious means necessary, including publicly executing the Trags.

Averill paints the murky picture as a new Big Bad comes into play: The government would’ve created a blacklist of potential Atrian sympathizers that they’re watching, and we were going to create our new big bad: A dangerous military general who would’ve pushed aside Gloria and chided her for her soft-handed approach with the Atrians. It’s like one of the districts in “The Hunger Games.” The pods they live in are like jail cells. Life is so much more grim than it was in Season 1 and the Atrians are routinely taken away by the military for questioning and are never seen or heard from again.

creator Meredith Averill has revealed what would have happened in Season 2 and beyond had the sci-fi romance series not been cancelled after one season by The CW.

With little prospect of continuing the series elsewhere, Averill gives fans When you see everyone passed out at the end, it’s just from the reaction to that pulse being sent out.

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That you embrace the paradox that you are far less important than you might think AND you are far more valued than you could ever imagine.

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