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well, there is a situation that is bound to drive you nuts!

While it is important you find yourself a guy who takes his work seriously and is committed towards it, it is also important that he has time for you in his life!

Intimacy requires good communication and a sharing of power and responsibility for the health of the relationship, and for each partner’s emotional, intellectual and physical well-being.

Such a commitment requires an easy give and take, to be receptive but not controlling, to give without expectations or strings attached.

The challenge becomes how to develop mutual respect, trust and loyalty, while still remaining a distinct and autonomous Self (1) that “Intimacy is a merging and fusion of the self and other – which involves the threat of losing one’s own separate personality.” (p.

362) It is important to acknowledge that as the “feeling-being” authentic Self of workaholics is gradually sacrificed to the values and priorities of their “doing-and-performing” public persona, the threat of giving up control and risking self-annihilation is just too threatening to contemplate.

If you can hang in there long enough to support your man through his grind, you are bound to reap the rewards.

Drained of all energy by escalating personal and professional pressures, emotionally-crippled workaholics make faulty judgments and unwise pragmatic decisions that lack “big picture” vision.

As too many things start to go wrong, overwhelming anxiety and panic attacks undermine the will and energy necessary to be capable of intimacy. Power struggles ensue as workaholics assume their .

As their commitment to one another grew stronger and they eventually married, what Ellen previously saw as a character strength turned into something annoying and hurtful.

After almost two decades of marriage, Ellen has grown used to being very flexible.

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