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Of all the places in Turin, this is definitely his favorite, full as it is with memories and meaning. It’s a passion that he has cultivated all his life. He has transmitted it to the entire family, first and foremost to my mother, who is a painter.Over the years, this passion has led him to collect important works of art. On 25 April 2005 the President of the Republic had conferred upon it the title of "city".The Punta Pezzo lies in the area and is the nearest point to Sicily. There are many neighborhoods: Acciarello, Cannitello, Pezzo and Piale.

My grandfather also had a very clear idea about where the gallery should be located: at the Lingotto, the first big automobile plant built by Fiat.Secondo le più moderne dottrine in materia, la padronanza piena di se' si raggiunge solo quando alla padronanza della propria testa, si aggiunge la padronanza dei propri mezzi.E' proprio a questo scopo che promuoviamo due grandi progetti strategici: uno teso ad allenare la padronanza della propria testa: “Il Quotidiano in Classe”, e l'altro teso ad esercitare la padronanza dei propri mezzi economici finanziari: “Young Factor”.Unisciti a noi, se anche tu credi che per cambiare il mondo e farne un posto migliore, non ci sia altra strada se non quella di cominciare a lavorare sui giovani.The Ferrero Group is present in 53 countries and Ferrero products are present and sold, directly or through authorised retailers, in more than 160 countries belonging to the entire international community.

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