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RIYADH: The Saudi-Pakistani relationship is a vast and dynamic web of cooperative linkages, age-old bonds of friendship and undertakings, dating from well before the establishment of diplomatic relations and growing continuously year-on-year.

Today, the Kingdom and Pakistan maintain close and robust political, military, economic, security and cultural relations, rarely found in the history of global camaraderie.

DR Congo Scientists Control Avian Influenza Outbreak Using Nuclear Techniques.

Scientists in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have identified a new outbreak of avian influenza using highly specific and sensitive nuclear-derived techniques.

"Last October, our international flight was delayed due to Mexico hurricane and we lost a full day of vacation.

I have been told by the holiday rep that I should write a letter in order to get a refund, but when I asked who I should send the letter to, he could not give me a clear answer.

I did not want to waste time calling or writing to the wrong office so I made so research online.

The invention of webcams truly had an exquisite impact on chatting conduct.The IMAFT, created by Saudi Arabia in December 2015 to combat Daesh and other terror groups, has 39 members, including Turkey and Malaysia with a command center in Riyadh.All these new developments are the result of the frequent political consultations between the leaders and the high-ranking officials of the two countries, and more so between King Salman and Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.We received over £1500 within weeks without having to make a single phone call or write any letter.Certainly the easiest money I have ever made." "I had a 3 year old business flight delay litigation that seemed impossible to resolve.

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