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“It was reckless and I didn't think it was going to work.

‘Rihanna has always wanted to get married in [her native Barbados], the insider adds.’ ”The source adds that 28-year-old Rihanna “is really close to her niece,” thereby making her realize that she wants a child of her own “soon.” Moreover, the “Work” singer was said to be “overwhelmed with how happy she is with him [Drake.]”The Drake and Rihanna relationship rumors go all the way back to 2009.Gossip rags believed that Chris Brown was jealous of the two when they dated.Do you think Rihanna has a thing for Jay Z that goes beyond their professional relationship?If this is true, then this makes for a truly toxic love triangle.In fact, Rihanna is no stranger to gossip about her love life.

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  1. David Houghton, the lead researcher, said, “Selfies, or self-portraits, seem to be some of the most irksome images.” Just because Rhianna posts them, it does not mean your potential online date will appreciate yours.

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