Dating old zildjian cymbals

View full product details → This Zildjian 20" K Ride is in great shape and working condition.Weight: 2540g" data-bread-crumbs="100-500;20" Cymbal;condition: Very good; Cymbals;drums; Just Arrived;reverb1;reverb2;reverb3;reverbsync-seller-cost:117.44;reverbsync-shipping-profile: Shipping Tier 2; Ride;used;zildjian; Zildjian K Custom;"This 1990s Zildjian 20" Avedis Rock Ride is in great shape and working condition.I consider my kit a "hybrid" or "transition kit" between the Ludwig "Hollywood" kit...discontinued in late 1968 with the original "Keystone" badges..the "Big Beat" which was introduced in late 1968 and carried the new "Gold and Olive" badges beginning in mid-1969.The kit is original 3-ply Mahogany/Poplar/Mahogany. In 2007 I had a major reconstruction job done to bring the kit back to life.Eventually, the Sultan gave Avedis the surname Zildjian, which translates to "son of cymbal maker" in Armenian.Finally, in 1680, the cymbal moved squarely into the realm of popular music with its inclusion in the opera “Esther” by German composer Nicolaus Strungk.Zildjian Cymbals got their start in the 1600s in Constantinople, the art of cymbal making passed down for fifteen generations.It is now the oldest family-owned business in America.

Details like body shape, wood choice and neck style are all important components that contribute to the way a guitar feels to play and, of course, the way it sounds.

If there's one thing every guitarist loves, it's the feel and tone of a beautifully-crafted acoustic guitar or bass.

Craftsmanship can really make an instrument shine, and when you try an Alvarez guitar, you'll definitely agree that they've nailed it.

I can't even begin to count the thousands of gigs and places these drums have played..the stories they could tell.

I've always been proud to play Ludwig and Zildjian..will continue to as long as the good Lord will allow".

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