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Sometimes these are clearly marked with the publisher's details, sometimes not.Sometimes a publisher produced postcards (usually views) exclusively for a retailer, such as a local postmaster or shopkeeper, who then sold these to the public.Postcards printed in tiny dots will have been produced by another printing process.RPPCs might have been published by postcard publishers who operated nationally, regionally or locally.

White Spirit will remove tacky residue left by 'post-it' notes and from 'self-adhesive' or 'peel-back' photo albums.

These postcards might be commissioned by the shopkeeper, perhaps from an image which they supplied, or they might simply be bought wholesale from a listing.

Such postcards might contain the name of the retailer, or they could contain the name of the publisher.

) greeting, December 1907, from a Mme Emetaz.26 March 1906 Ca Capello, Venice. Chromo-Litho cards are none of the above but are high quality cards printed by a method that layers down solid colours, the design being first etched onto a limestone block, different stones (as many as 15! Again, these can easily be distinguished under magnification, as seen at right.

The difference between a Real Photographic postcard (RPPC) and a printed one (made up of dots), is easily seen under magnification - as I have illustrated below (New Brighton Lighthouse).

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In the United States, the custom of sending through the mail, at letter rate, a picture or blank card stock that held a message, began with a card postmarked in December 1848 containing printed advertising.

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