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For years I’ve suspected there’s a department in Whitehall which meets every Monday morning with the sole purpose of giving me something to write about.Even the Admiralty is in on the act, as I discovered when the Navy announced plans to introduce a burka-style uniform to attract more female Muslim recruits. Paul Zukunft said his first call after hearing of the ban last week was to one of 13 Coast Guardsmen who have come out as transgender under the Pentagon's year-old policy of open service."We have made an investment in you and you have made an investment in the Coast Guard and I will not break faith," Zukunft said, recounting the conversation during a talk at the Center for Strategic and International Studies."And so, that is the commitment to our people right now." In the wake of Trump's announcement, the admiral said his second call about the transgender ban was to retired Gen.John Kelly, then the director of Homeland Security, and then Kelly contacted Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.

When these badly behaved admirers actively seek out trans partners and inflict their disrespectful nonsense on us, we call them "chasers." What's it like to date a chaser?There’s another photo of a colleague, Rear Admiral John Clink — a fellow enthusiastic member of the Twitterati — presenting ‘AB (Able Seaman) Innocent Muzwidzwa with the Most Inspiring Achievement in Elective Learning #navysmart’. Other posts feature pictures of a Tesco cheese dip carton, references to a Robbie Williams song, and something about: ‘Mess in a hammock Grand Bazaar full of sailors putting on a Fez and doing a Tommy Cooper impersonation #hadtobethere’.To which, @RAdm Alex Burton adds: ‘And we haven’t aged a day! Burton’s Twitter feed alone contains enough rich comedy material on which to float a battleship.7,000 total that operate."I'm looking for sailors that can accomplish the mission, and that is all we judge people by."In a series of posts on Twitter, Mr Trump said he had taken the decision because US forces "cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail".Rear Admiral Whitesell, when quizzed about his thoughts and views, added: "Right now our policy is the same thing that was put out by the White House - they are developing policy for what President Trump tweeted about."Once he determines exactly how that policy is going to run, then the way our form of military works, the White House will determine the guidelines for it, the Secretary of Defence will then write the guidelines, those guidelines will go to all of the services, then the services will write their guidelines."Following the proposals made on social media by Mr Trump, UK defence chiefs have since backed transgender people serving in the US armed forces.

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