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Jennings's first successful product was the Univox, an early self-powered electronic keyboard similar to the Clavioline.In 1956 Jennings was shown a prototype guitar amplifier made by Dick Denney, a big band guitarist and workmate from World War II.In 1959, with sales under pressure from the more powerful Fender Twin and from The Shadows, who requested amplifiers with more power, Vox produced what was essentially a double-powered AC15 and named it the AC30.The AC30, fitted with alnico magnet-equipped Celestion "blue" loudspeakers and later Vox's special "Top Boost" circuitry, and like the AC15 using valves (known in the US as tubes), helped to produce the sound of the British Invasion, being used by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks and the Yardbirds, among others.As Denney told author Andy Babiuk in , “I made up the first one using an AC30 cabinet with two 12″ speakers plus a ‘horn’ speaker for more top end.The horn didn’t fit, so I cut a hole for it in the back of the cabinet.

This one has that high power twin tone like Keith's.Vox founder Tom Jennings and his head engineer Dick Denney might have doubled the power of the AC15 to produce the concert-ready AC30 for Hank Marvin and the Shadows, who performed both as a solo instrumental act and as Cliff Richard’s backing band, but their AC50 was the result of a desperate effort to help the world’s most popular band to be heard.Virtually running to keep up with the pace of The Beatles’ popularity, Denney developed the AC50 late in 1963 by first modifying existing speaker cabinets, and quickly getting together the amplifier chassis to do the job, rather than the more-intensive R&D venture devoted to the flagship AC30 earlier in the decade.Pre-CBS, Fender Electric Instruments, about 40 watts from two 6L6s, great tremolo.Transitional cosmetic, blonde tolex and blackface circuit. Fender's top of the line piggyback amp, blackface AB763 circuit, 85 watts, 4x6L6, solid-state rectifier, 2 channels, tremolo, matching cabinet with JBL 1x15" loudspeaker, clean and original including tilt-back legs, sliding...

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This first generation of AC30s were housed in "TV-front" cabinets, much like the early to mid-50s tweed Fender amps, and had a single 12-inch Goodmans 60-watt speaker, as opposed to the later, conventional twin 12-inch speaker configuration.

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