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Murakami transports readers into the backseat with these two, where they can feel the gears shift, leather crunch and heavy silences linger as the actor unpacks his suffering.

While, you can still settle for someone fairly less good looking, sacrificing on maturity is a big no-no.

“Men Without Women” has the familiar signposts and well-worn barstools that will reconnect with longtime readers of Murakami: magical realism, Beatles tracks and glasses of whiskey.

Yet, except for a few tales, the magic is watered down and it’s reality that is now poured stiff.

Rachel, a Jew, rather unexpectedly meets an old friend at the kibbutz where she is working as a teacher.

It brings back memories of her experiences in The Netherlands during the war, memories of betrayal. Rachel is in trouble when her hiding place is bombed by allied troops.

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And, the bonus is they are matured, less demanding and independent women who don’t starve for your attention.

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