Developments in archaeomagnetic dating in britain

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New full-vector archaeomagnetic data for North Africa recovered from the study of six kilns, five from Tunisia and one from Morocco, are presented.

Archaeological and historical considerations, along with three radiocarbon dates, indicate that the age of the kilns ranges between the 9th and 15th centuries AD.

Similarly, archaeologists often revisit old data armed with increased knowledge about the past and a new set of questions.

Archaeologists sometimes use experimental methods to help them understand how people may have performed tasks in the past.

For the other two structures differences between the uncorrected and corrected mean site intensities are 4.4 per cent and 5.8 per cent.

New techniques may allow them to learn from data and artifacts that have been curated for many years.

Nick has worked widely throughout Britain since graduating from Glasgow University with an MA Honours Archaeology.

Over the last decade he has directed and managed a wide range of both research and commercial projects for the Orkney Archaeological Trust and latterly for the Orkney Research Centre for Archaeology of the University of Highlands and Islands (ORCA).

In 2009 the Ness was recognised by the American Institute of Archaeology; in 2011 it won the Current Archaeology Research Project of the Year; and in 2012 was awarded the international Andante Travel Archaeology Award, having been runner up in 2008.

Nick has lectured widely in the UK and abroad at all levels on the Ness excavations, the WHS and Orcadian archaeology in general.

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