Do men play mind games dating

For a long period of time mind games have been the cause of argument and disagreement between women and men.

While both sides blame each other one should remember that there are two sides to a coin.

Yet, as we mature, we outgrow these games and learn to date without them.

Remember, you’re dating to find somebody special, and that shouldn’t require manipulation or following some sort of playbook. They want a partner who is interesting, challenging, exciting, and fun, but that doesn’t mean the relationship has to be difficult.

Some people may confuse these two ideas and think an interesting person automatically equals a more challenging relationship.

Others think that being an independent person means relationships can’t be easy because they are used to not depending on another.

People starting thinking that maybe you aren’t Playing relationship games may be a sign of personal insecurities and that you feel like you don’t deserve a normal relationship.

But when this mind playing game comes to the point where it is played to take advantage then the line is crossed.

Absence creates anticipation and a feeling of "If I don't see her now, I'll die." When he calls, "let your voice mail pick up now and then," says Sherry Argov, author of .

"It shows him that you're worth the wait and effort.

Playing mind games and making a relationship difficult doesn’t make you more interesting, it just drives people away.

You miss out on meaningful and beautiful relationships because people don’t want complications.

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It is true that both women and mane like to play mind games with each other but when it comes to blaming, they invariably and without fail blame each other.

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