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*62: Is she ending things because he's leaving?

Little did we know at the time that our Indonesian friends were secretly laughing at us. We were ten years older, hitting middle age, with beer-bellies, no hair and a bank account drained by a decade of fancy living we couldn’t afford. We e-mailed friends across the world, Iceland, London, Washington DC., all Jakarta alumni and they all told the same story: UB40, as the band name goes. Someone mentioned a 2000 movie called the ‘Tao of Steve,” which offered alluring promises.So I was checking out the Dating & Romance section of today and read the latest Doc Love article. in fact, this is the first article I've read of his.He has a bit of good advice to share, but overall, I think he's a little off with his mindset.In this incarnation of my dating life I have decided that I am not going to chase men.(In my younger days I admit that I did, and no good ever came of it.) This time around I absolutely I will not chase men, nor be baited into chasing one.

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