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The Si Se Puede Foundation focuses on helping children from low-income families achieve academic success, but they’ll take anyone who wants to join their robotics programs.Esparza said that since 1998, his program has seen about 85 students go on to become engineers.The air that Americans breathe kills 70,000 annually – and the law is silent about that.Your tap water contains hormones, pesticides and antibiotics – in Alberta, it sometimes contains so much methane that it burns – and the law has nothing to say about that.Enter: Generation Z, the under-20 set that’s putting everything on display through Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and other apps so new, most millennials haven't heard of them.

Your body contains more than a pound of plastic and hundreds of chemical contaminants – and the law sees nothing wrong with that.o huddle together as they see both their daughters off.They would go, but they can’t afford to spend time away from their jobs.Jayson Blair came out to show his support at the event, where they were able to recruit 80 people to donate 1-3 hours of their time to volunteer for a beach cleanup initiative with Heal The Bay. With the majority of Generation Y rounding 30, their priorities are shifting: They’re settling down, spending less, and probably still using Facebook.

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