Egypt dating and marriage

In 2010, I was on holiday in Dahab with my friend Paul.

Athenian men evinced little respect or affection for women and delayed marriage until well into their thirties, but most Egyptian men were eager to follow the advice of the wisdom literature urging them to take a wife while still young so they could found a household and raise a family.

Expanding relationship research globally is critical to explore the impact of cultural context on close relationships.

By doing so, researchers may illuminate practical issues related to pedagogy, therapy, and marital counseling, as well as critical theoretical issues related to understanding the universality versus cultural specificity of interpersonal relationship processes (Burleson, 2003).

Many marriages were arranged with parental consent needed, as they have been in all societies, especially among the upper classes.

But the abundance of love poetry between young people signifies that many couples did fall in love and choose each other as mates. A suitor sometimes used a female go-between to approach the girls mothernot her father.

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Weddings in Ptolemaic Egypt were often accompanied by very elaborate parties, but there is nary a word from the Pharaonic period about a marriage ceremony.

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  1. The church (errected in 1621 in Oncesti) is situated on a hill thus overviewing the entire community and showing once more the importance of religion in Maramures.