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It also sheds new light on the creation of Hellenic cultural identity and the formation of collective memory in the Classical and Hellenistic eras.Descripción: Proceedings of International Conference Literatura, Discourse and Multicultural Dialogue, I, Section: Language and Discourse.Arhipelag XXI Publishing House, Tirgu Mures, 2014 (Iulian Boldea, Editor). Moreover, a near exclusive emphasis on Vichy’s persecution of the Jews ran the risk not only of effacing the crucial role played by the Nazis but also of giving the French an exaggerated sense of the criminality of their own past, a state of mind hardly conducive to national pride and a sense of optimism about the future. In general terms, according to Rousso and others, the predominantly “judeocentric” nature of the memory of Vichy, at least in the public mind, risked distorting a balanced and objectively historical understanding of the complex realities of the Dark Years as well as the broader aims, ambitions, and ideology of the Pétain regime itself.

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