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No matter which side of the phone I am suddenly not texting from, I prefer the unanswered text to the explicit breakup missive.To be clear, if the relationship has advanced to a mutually understood level of seriousness or exclusivity, you better put your fingers to work.That message was posted to my private Facebook group for single women over 40 earlier this week. Yes, most people today text for every type of communication, from directions to flirting to discussing deep issues. Show them that you valued them enough by speaking to them with kindness and grace, even if it’s awkward for you. A bad breakup can have a lasting effect on someone’s self-worth.Within a few hours, there were over 90 comments to help her through this challenging time. I believe texting should be relegated to facts, directions, and a quick check-in with someone, as in, “What’s up? A compassionate breakup is better for the one who’s breaking up AND the one you’re breaking up with.It's the “reason why” part of the process that gets a little tricky. That's the part that saves the person from going crazy over-analyzing the cumulative 10 hours you spent together and trying to figure out what in the world he did wrong. So I made a list of 12 perfectly valid “reasons why” to go along with the “I can't do this” portion of your breakup.I'm not a big fan of lying; I think it's bad karma.

Here’s how it works: You go out with someone anywhere from once to a handful of times.

”However, since most people now perform most of their communication digitally, it seems breaking up via text is not so hard to do after all.

According to a Voucher Cloud survey, 56 percent of people who have ended a relationship in the past year have done so digitally. Most people (25 percent) chose to send a break-up text.

Around 20 percent of people sent a break-up message via social media.

Only 11 percent of people went for the break-up email.

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Many women expressed disgust at this man’s audacity to have broken up with her by text. ”When you’re in a relationship, it’s fun to send a flirty or sexy text. A few years ago, I broke up with someone I’d been dating for several months.

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