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From the moment the MILF placed her hand on teen’s knees and slowly caressed it way up her legs this scene had non-stop sensual action.

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However, with the i Phone 4 and Face Time, this industry now has a chance to bounce back.

This week, according to Cult of The Mac, has seen the launch of the first video sex chat service using Face Time.

Why hasn't Timaya said anything yet about that claim? Stephanie, Kimora Doesn't Care About Music: I "dug" in to discover more about this Kimora musician, Stephanie that is. Both the pastor and lady agreed that their relationship began since 2015.

Here's something interesting; I discovered that the only song she's ever done, both audio and video is titled, "His Girlfriend". LIVEWire's CONCLUSION: This looks like a beautiful tactic that was planned way ahead of time by the people the Apostle has hurt. It was a planned story meant to carry the theme of "you never know someone fully well", but the logical evidence in this report has put me in the COMPLETE CONFIDENCE that APOSTLE JOHNSON SULEIMAN the man of God is very innocent of these accusations. The lady and her lawyer are christian from Delta state.

It would also provide some awesome white calendar space to get my own shit done. We were suddenly thousands of frequent-flier miles apart, shuttling back and forth for birthdays and conjugal visits but mostly just communicating digitally.

I tried to have a good attitude about the whole thing—at first. It helps that texting is free, too, thanks to Whats App, which works anywhere you have a Wi-Fi connection, even internationally.

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Is it possible to assume this is the genesis of this scandal - which will conclude that this is a conspiracy? Let's look at her state of mind: is she hurt that he didn't marry her anymore?

Or is she upset and vengeful that makes her eager to bring down the Apostle in the media? Besides she looks smart - would she honestly expect that the Apostle would leave his POWERFUL wife perfect in every way to marry herself Stephanie? Plus she mentioned she was supposed to shoot a video with Timaya recently. I'm sure his PR team would have notified him by now.6. Good analysis sha, I knew the pics was doctored, if the allegations are true the said Otobo would have gathered enough proofs like recordings, where and when they met etc, if he claim of a relationship with the apostle is true she don't even need to do a video to prove it, this is a man she claimed she've dated for two years and still the only prove you can muster is making a video of yourself to convince us, the apostles wife was right, Nigerians are indeed gulliblewhile I don,t believe this scam, the political angle you people are coming from look stupidity and unintelligent to me.

Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Religion / Sex Scandal: Apostle Johnson Suleman Is INNOCENT Based On Evidence In This Repot (41525 Views) Stephanie Otobo Attempts To Prove Facetime She Had With Apostle Suleman Is Real / Sex Scandal: Apostle Suleman Bars Church Members From Public Comments - PT / Stephanie Otobo: Apostle Suleman Is Innocent And I Don't Know Festus Keyamo (1) (2) (3) (4) (I am completely an independent analyst concerned about truth)1. Festus Kenyamo, Reputable Doesn't Mean "Truthful": Since I was a kid, I've always heard about him.

Sahara Reporters: Let's start off with where this news seemed to have originated from. I for one have never done that since they surfaced, publishing certain stories in livid anonymity and getting away with it. He's famous, he's notorious but does his fame mean he's a "truthful" guy in this case? Man in Photo Evidence, Not Suleiman: The man in the picture shots I saw sincerely compared with Apostle Suleiman in other pictures of him, doesn't look like Suleiman.

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