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They fabricated excuses for her parents and met at distant destinations where they wouldn’t be caught. Revisiting the Romeo and Juliet effect (Driscoll, Davis, & Lipetz, 1972): Reexamining the links between social network opinions and romantic relationship outcomes.

Their time together was restricted, and so they it more.

The devastating awkwardness of figuring out if you should kiss each other good-bye.

As your relationship begins to blossom like two flowers in the same garden that are dating each other, you have to start making choices that will affect you the rest of your lives (or until you break up and/or one of you quits).

When we were in high school, my friend Jayda* met her boyfriend Ty at work.

He was more than 10 years older than she was, and her parents immediately forbade Jayda from seeing him further.

As a professor here, I teach classes on the American family and introductory sociology courses, so I’ve heard a lot about the undergraduate hook-up culture.

Forbidden relationships can take many forms: Parents may forbid their children from engaging with certain friends or significant others; friends or family members may disapprove of our relationship partners; or we may fall in love with a coworker, supervisor, or someone who is already committed to a serious relationship.

The obstacles to these relationships may be explicit or implied, but these obstacles may actually serve to our forbidden relationships.

Do you kiss each other good-bye every day and risk the glares, murmurs, and gossip of your coworkers?

Or do you just suck it up and bolt out of there, sending a "thinking of you" text on the way out?

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