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Most people are busy, and leisure time is in short supply.

So if your webinar topic is boring as bat’s piss, they’ll chill out with funny cat videos on You Tube instead.

Unlike many other dating sites, the Our Time website is refreshingly clean and well structured.At one trustworthy and well reviewed service we’ve recently been learning about, you can sign up to be personally matched with one of over 1500 available licensed professionals.Select answers for a brief series of questions designed to help identify your preferences and narrow down a match for you.Users can write and submit their own stories and rate their stories as mature or for everyone, per the content guidelines.Mature stories, which include partial nudity in the story image, and graphic sex and violence are easily searchable. The privacy policy explains the personal information that is collected from users and specifies it is not for users younger than 13 due to the information collected.

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Now you can put your questions to a counselor, therapist or psychologist and receive a personal and confidential reply online can only publish single replies to a small number of the many questions we receive every day, and private practices like the online therapy service we used to provide at one of our spin-off sites work with a very limited number of clients at a time.

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