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For these recruits, unisex rooms were such a commonplace that the researchers needed to encourage their interviewees in order to make them talk about them."To them there was nothing strange about the unisex rooms.Six boys and two girls in the same room in the army, a place known from previous research as a breeding ground for sexual harassment. We thought that the girls could not possibly be OK with it, says Ulla-Britt Lilleaas, who, together with Dag Ellingsen, is responsible for the report ("The Army: the vanguard, rear guard and battlefield of equality"), commissioned and financed by the Norwegian Ministry of Defence.Before their arrival at the camp, some of the girls had thought along the same lines; for instance the girl who had prepared herself by purchasing large sized underwear.They had entered a common mode where gender stereotypes had disappeared, or at least they were less obvious.

In the Army, success is based on six core values: courage, discipline, respect, integrity, loyalty and selfless commitment.

"There is no gender in the army," said one of the interviewees, "there is only green." Team mentality The unisex rooms made it possible to focus more on being in the army, said the young people.

At home and at school it was more difficult to be friends with the opposite sex due to all the chatting up, whereas here girls and boys had to become friends.

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