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And that video in turn inspired someone to make this youtube video Neil Diamond & Barbara Streisand "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" Parody - You Tube which in turn inspired me to make that video, April 18's Funguzz Vizzion VIDEO OF THE NOW. I could give you the response my mother gave me when I was little and asked her a question she did not know the answer to, and say, "I DON'T KNOW!

Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Zecharia Sitchin, Edgar Cayce, Manly P.

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I would love to see a show that spends time to talk about that in depth without skirting around the facts. I recently discovered ART in front of the Golden Gate Bridge it is a large pictorial of 911. I recently see your show where you talked about the strange turtles that were found in Peru in the Nazca plateau. I 44 years and a devoted catholic but when I see structural and pyramids all over the place dating before any modern technology is in possible.

If you know the time of birth of Giorgio Tsoukalos, we would appreciate it if you would send us your information with your source, at [email protected]

He is also the Publisher of Legendary Times Magazine, the world’s only and definitive Ancient Astronaut research journal.

He has been writing about movies online since there was a 21st century.

Tsoukalos is also Erich von Daniken’s official representative in the United States and the rest of the English-speaking world. Tsoukalos has traveled the world extensively (54 countries …and counting).

See, before he became the real life Indiana Jones (his own description of himself!

), Giorgio was a promoter for the International Federation of Bodybuilding.

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I mean requests to write about certain topics in my blog posts. While you're at it, find out if Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion is single." Well, I don't know if Miss Vaughn recalls this, but I already took a topic request from her when I wrote the post Why is Ron Burgundy funny? Which is what caused long time friend, as well as regular reader and commenter Rachel Halvorson, to have the nerve to request I write this post--- . Actually, I am just kidding about being perturbed about writing request posts.

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