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Paysale is one of the fastest growing performance marketing networks in the industry centered on growing brands online and enable publishers to optimize online media and to leverage customer acquisition channels. At the moment, we have a large number of unique offers with a wide geo.

Paysale offers a full range of services, our verticals include: e-commerce, dating and match-making, travel sites etc. - Multiple verticals, the main ones - dating, e-commerce, travel. In the majority of offers, there is a payout for the order, confirmed by a call center – you have never seen this before! We accept traffic for Europe, Asia, South and Latin America, US.

We provide our own offers in 50 countries (Europe, Asia and CIS). The verticals with the highest conversion rate are adult, diet, skin, beauty, health, item to reduce power/fuel consumption.

We also have exclusive offers with different conversion types which you can start running right away: 1-Click Flow: the user goes to the targeted subscription or download page.

-’s Associates Program is a pioneering and incontestable program in the Arab world.

- The support and communication with the personnel in charge of this program are both remarkable.

Cue Links helps publishers monetize their content using a single line of javascript code.

Best thing about bayt, it is the product which people wants, so we just need to make people aware of it, that's it, it converts on its own and we make money have used many International Associates Programs for almost 6 years now, and I have been using’s Associates Program for more than a year and a half.

I can easily say that the treatment we get from has international standards and is very similar to the one we get from other international associates programs.

Click on the affiliate platform of your choice to get started!

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