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Someone who always makes you feel alive, keeps you on your toes, and intellectually stimulates you. Here are some dos and don’ts if you’re planning to date an intelligent woman: An intelligent woman will always have her own opinions and beliefs.

This, coupled with the shared top-three ranking for both men and women, suggests a commonality that seems positively modern-day.If she dislikes something, she will say it to your face. Be humble, and be nice to everyone, including the waiters.She is someone with high levels of intelligence and confidence, and hence, extremely hard to please. Also, at the restaurant don’t take ages to decide whether you want paneer tikka or chicken wings. Display confidence, sound intelligent, be assertive and seem like a man who is calm and composed.Try it now and find your perfect date today without paying a cent.Today’s students have high expectations of their online experience while at university.

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