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The session handles the returned promise and when it resolves becomes authenticated, otherwise remains unauthenticated.All data the authenticator resolves with will be accessible via the session data's property. A resolving promise indicates that the session was successfully authenticated while a rejecting promise indicates that authentication failed and the session remains unauthenticated.

Here is the basic sequence of method calls that your app must make and completion handler calls that your app receives when using API for background downloads and uploads, or if you need to handle authentication or caching in a nondefault manner, you must provide a delegate that conforms to the session delegate protocol, one or more task delegate protocols, or some combination of these protocols.This sort of answer confuses me, because, ultimately, it seems, just about any question could be answered by pouring over the API and trying out various things.One of the reasons ..all, i want logout from one if i click browser back button,it bring me back to the jsp page...i do not want that..(i want like gmail.i.e, once you logout the page,then using browser back button you can not go back) please anyone give me the idea.. My problem is that when user closes the window directly(without logout), How to count active sessions.What I am trying to do is release the lock when the ...Unfortunately the ckan-dev was not able to help me yet, so I'll just raise this issue here.

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I want ask a question about session.invalidate() Let assume we have where we input user and password.

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