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If you overstay your visa, you may have to remain in Iran until the situation is resolved.

the Azerbaijani cabbies were clustered in the courtyard next to the customs terminal, waiting for the Iranians to walk through a narrow, rusted door.

Traveller Mell blogged this a couple of years back: "Although the laws are severe they really don't care what u do so long as u keep it away from Muslims.

Iranian laws differ from those in the UK, including in areas such as dress, alcohol, and mixing with unrelated members of the opposite sex.

There are many rules and conventions around both, and some are so different to what the western traveller is accustomed to at home, they may unknowingly break the law. Controversially, transexuality is not illegal, in fact it is recognized by the state, and gender reassignment is endorsed.

But the Iranian men, who have the cash and do the negotiating, drew the most attention from the cabbies.The Revolutionary Guardss said it had determined the patrol boats had entered Iranian territorial waters by mistake.The quick resolution contrasted with previous cases in which British servicemen were held by Iran for considerably longer, in once case almost two weeks.There's a small degree of openness in parts of Iran's upper classes, but in the general population acceptance is low, and state persecution is chronic. The state attitude to homosexuality, and the level of acceptance in Iranian society is contradictory and complicated – too complicated to get into here.But if you want to learn more try these links: Global Gayz: Iran Face of homosexuality is veiled but real in Iran Out of Iran and out of the closet Living dangerously: What it's like to be gay in Iran As a foreigner, unless you're shouting your "special love" from the rooftops, you're unlikely to fall foul of the law.

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