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Then again, I don't do this check often/ever, and haven't tested in many/all [email protected] - Uhm, well, can't say that I've ever seen the type in uppercase either, I just convert stuff to make sure, as I always tend to f**k up when comparing tag Names, and they return in uppercase ! I tried to set these variable to true, but it still does not work.Should I post this code into Javascript that I have above.

Java Script made its first appearance in Netscape 2.0 in 1995 with the name Live Script.

To see how validation works, run this page and deliberately make mistakes.

Javascript is a dynamic computer programming language.

This is all I want to accomplish--I've seen many posts on this topic but they are usually beyond what I need.

Here is my form: The checkbox is a simple "I agree".

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Not the prettiest solution, but functional in all browsers with Java Script enabled.

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