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PMGY’s Round The World Encounter is the ultimate programme that we offer!An epic 36 week journey across 9 enthralling destinations taking in the best of Africa and Asia along the way.

We hope your “getaway” stay with us will exceed your expectations and that you will join us again in the future.churches, synagogues, Temple); and finally Jesus as Word/Expression and as "Image of God".God 'dwelt' in Jesus, in a way analogous to how He 'dwelt' in the Tabernacle and Solomonic Temple. Although the theology can get complicated--a consequence of trying to describe the relationship between God and His creation!We aim for your adventure with us to be a holistic travel experience – broadening understanding and establishing bonds of friendship that last across distance, time, and culture.All SENE adventures, whether Kilimanjaro climbs, wildlife safaris, bike tours, running trips, or foothills walks, include time in my home village, Mbahe, in the foothills of Kilimanjaro, where the local people, the Chagga, warmly welcome guests.

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Secondly, we should note that there are a couple of separate-but-related points in here: (1) is the worship of Jesus idolatry since it is (allegedly) worship of a human; (2) are images of the body of Jesus in a church a violation of the commandment against making images/representations of God--especially human images (3) is God immaterial and without a Form.

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