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Thirty-six-year-old Aboobakar Munavar from Manandavadi, Wayanad district, Kerala and the owner of Metallic Glass and Plywoods, was interested in dating girls from Kodagu.Punjab girls are most expressive when compared to any other. They would shower lot of love if they like you and won’t mind to kick you if you are irritating. 4) Gujarati You might be a MBA in finance but trust me a Gujarati girl who has passed 2 has good business knowledge than you. Telugu girls are emotional and at the same time daring too. So don’t think twice to date these girls as they don’t mind even if you are late for a plan for some couple of minutes.2) Tamil You can daily satisfy your appetite with yummy foods and south Indian dishes. They would like to meet you in temple than in a park or shopping mall.Punjab girls are mostly from well to do family, so the reliability on you for self needs is almost obsolete and personally they don’y like to depend on some body. You would be amused to know that their festivals are more than calendar years.Going to the club feels fake, and so I thought of going out on dates," says the ace photographer.Since then, as Sunder puts it, he's been having some of the best times of his life.

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1) Malayali The beautiful, literate and homely girls destination in the country.

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