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From there, you can see why men and women can’t be friends: the incompatibility of the friend ladder and a man’s ladder leave much to be desired on the man’s end. Of course, I don’t believe everything that the theory says.

And I do believe that men and women can be friends as long as they aren’t attracted to each other. They’re all just low enough on my ladder that the possibility of my sleeping with them is minimal.

Since I don’t have anyone else’s life to use as an example, I’ll use mine. I’d like to be friends with my ex-girlfriend, but it’s really hard.

Theory of adult male/female interaction, detailed at

The Escalation Ladder is a bonus ebook you receive when purchasing Vin Di Carlo's main ebook - The Attraction Code .

It is an ideal companion to the main book because it gives you very practical, physical steps to take when talking to women (something the main book lacks, since it’s mostly about mindset).

Using those, you get her used to your touch, little by little, step by step – ranging from light touch on her lower back to brushing her hair.

This happens over a longer period of time – a couple of hours.

Di Carlo start by classifying different moves into different classes – from covert to overt, from accidental to obvious.Hey, if I wanted to sleep with you, we wouldn’t be friends, right?Theory is interesting and everything, but we’re MIT engineers who are interested in the practical aspects of things.Di Carlo notes that most men will touch a woman’s face too early – women are surprisingly protective of their face area (including neck and hair).We then move on to the Escalation Ramp, which is leading up to kissing…and more. and this is the time NOT to screw up, or all your previous efforts might be ruined.

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