Long term care without liquidating assets

AUSTRALIA Sydney Morning Herald Louise Milligan When you write a book which details allegations of paedophilia against a man who was once one of the nation's most powerful people, curious things happen.

One of the crazier things is a tiny circle of people who still unquestioningly defend this person, saying he could not possibly have committed acts they know nothing about and accuse you of leftist bias.

Medicaid, a federal insurance program for low-income individuals, will cover nursing home care, but you may not be able to qualify for that care until you have exhausted your existing assets.

Unfortunately, this leaves you without the financial security you previously enjoyed if you decide to return home.

Long-term care can include nursing-home care, home-health, and personal or adult day-care for people over the age of 65, or who have a chronic or disabling condition that needs constant attention.

Since long-term care can be very expensive, insurance is the best way to cover these costs without having to turn to liquidating other assets.

Before choosing a long term care insurance plan, look at the fine print of the policy, including premiums, deductibles, benefit limits, and coverage specifics. If you are already receiving long-term care or have poor health, you may not qualify for insurance.

The Obama Administration’s suspension of the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports (CLASS) Act provisions of the Affordable Care Act halted a new federal entitlement program that was fiscally unsound.

How on god's green earth, you ask yourself, did the prospect that someone might have abused children suddenly become a matter of left and right?

Let this be known: George Pell's politics are of zero interest to me.

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Apart from specific living arrangements, are additional personalized services necessary as well? This could mean daily living assistance within the home (like nurse or health aid visits) or in a facility (like assisted living, nursing homes and adult daycare centers).

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