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In World War II the production of the M1 helmet began in June 1941 and ceased in September 1945.

The military confirmed its bid in 2015 to purchase the JLTV to replace the iconic but flawed Humvee.

military has made significant announcements on the replacement of its old equipment, much of it dating back to the Cold War.

Perhaps that is why many soldiers, past and present, regard the P-38 C-ration can opener as the Army’s best invention. A small first aid packet sealed in plastic wrapping containing a steralized cotton gauze.

Normally kept in the Compass Pouch, but also seen kept in the helmet band, especially by Medics.

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It is a quick drying coat and trousers made of tightly woven, rip-stop or twill cotton poplin fabric.The move toward the new material is a significant step in U. The steel M1917 was the first standardized combat helmet of the U. military, and reflected trends in modern combat equipment that began in World War I. Howitzers and mortars of increasing size would dot the battlefields of Europe as manufacturing capabilities became more advanced and more capable of producing large and powerful guns.As a consequence, soldiers were driven underground to escape murderous shrapnel and fragmentation from heavy timed shells.The new helmet actually uses ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene, which allows for a 22 percent reduction in weight.That could save soldiers up to 12 ounces of weight on their heads. The US military has come along way from the old Doughboy helmet of the First World War.

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