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In 1942 he was called to the Army General Staff and the following year, to the High Command and collaborated as personal aide with General Vittorio Ambrosio.He was a close friend of Benito Mussolini's son-in-law Galeazzo Ciano, who was the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs.After French soldiers had occupied Turin at the end of the 18th century and later abandoned it to the Kingdom of Piedmont, the corps of Royal Carabinieri was instituted under the Royal Patents of 13 July 1814.The new force was divided into divisions on the scale of one division for each province.Women in NATO forces have much to celebrate this year.It is the 40th anniversary of the first NATO Conference of Senior Service Women Officers and the 25th anniversary of the formal recognition of the Committee on Women in the NATO Forces by the Military Committee, NATO's highest military authority.

I had done the long-distance thing before and was very hesitant to have one with a soldier in a war zone.

Well, that evening I found out that he was a lieutenant in the National Guard.

Christian encouraged me to take the job, even though we were both so deeply in love with each other, he said that we could make the relationship work no matter where I was.

Inspired by the French Gendarmerie, the corps was created by King Victor Emmanuel I of Savoy with the aim of providing the Kingdom of Sardinia with a police corps.

Previously, police duties were managed by the Dragoni di Sardegna corps, created in 1726 and composed of volunteers.

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