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“This must be clear, we have no reason, as a country, to refuse anybody entry or departure, as long as such travel is legal,” Mkuseli Apleni, director general of the Department of Home Affairs, said at a news conference. Smith appeared in court on January 15 but has since been released on bail of 5,000 rand (8), police representative Noloyiso Twexana said. Apleni confirmed that he last entered the country on November 30 on a visitor visa valid for 90 days, until February 28. passports, and immigration officers detected that they had overstayed their visit, Apleni said.He added that the rapper had entered the country on a visitor’s visa and a U. He tried to leave using a “World Passport,” a dubious document. Brooklyn-born Smith, 42, and his family had been living in South Africa “without the necessary permits,” and they were detained for using illegal travel documents as they were leaving the country, Tshwete tweeted. “This is a tricky case,” Tshwete said, because the person would normally be deported to his or her home country.

Zoe, who’s been tied to Drake in the past, seemed to confirm some type of romantic relationship with Def with this social media message: For the record, Lenny Kravitz is 50, so Mos Def is not quite old enough to be her dad.

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He was freed on bail of 5,000 rand (0, 334 euros).

He had entered South Africa with a legitimate US passport last year, but tried to leave using a "World Government of World Citizens" passport.

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