Mscoree dll not updating

However, last week two different problems were reported. The error was that on Windows XP, MZ-Tools 8.0 for VB/VBA failed to load.

This dreaded error message: Fortunately, the user reported that installing . The error message is hiding the actual error code and description (Microsoft started to show that crucial piece of information when an add-in fails to load in Visual Studio . I was able to reproduce the problem so I didn’t need to contact the user for further information.

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Unfortunately the current version of Process Monitor doesn’t support Windows XP, and although I couldn’t find an earlier version to download, I found the Registry Monitor and File Monitor utilities (that later became unified in Process Monitor) and they worked on Windows XP. I always forget that the easiest way to know the actual error is to create a VBScript with this code that creates a COM object with the Prog Id of the add-in (typically “My Add In.

I'm having an issue that I haven't experienced before with Arc Map Add-Ins and I'm hoping someone out there has experienced this and knows of a solution. That way any needed updates can be made and everyone gets the latest copy every time they open Arc Map. One user in particular can't seem to get the updated version.

It is stored in a central location that we all have access to and each person who needs to use it has that folder added to their Add-In Manager.

We have had this problem too - and for the moment the only workaround is to delete the addin folder in the Assembly Cache folder for the problematic addin.

I have opened a case with ESRI - I won't hold my breath....

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  1. In my solution, when the user clicks the submit button for a form, I check each control on the form (or whatever container is specified) and use reflection to determine if a validating method is defined for the control. If any of the validations fail, the routine returns a failure and allows the process to stop.