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The burkini - a combination of a headscarf, tunic and leggings worn together as a wetsuit, and preferred as beachwear by some Muslim women - became the subject of great controversy when French authorities tried to outlaw it last year.

Photos of French policemen ordering Muslim women to remove their burkinis in public went viral, moving some to protest the policing of female bodies and others to hail it a defense of France's secular values, at least in this instance.

The new fragrance continues tradition of feminine and tame compositions leaving a cuddling and honey-sweet trail on woman's skin.

Composition of the new editions opens with a luminous citrusy blend of Sicilian bergamot and mandarin spiced with bitterish and insolent trace of black and pink pepper.

Grande Odalisque attracted wide criticism when it was first shown.Here is what can be learned from social media users' hundreds of reactions.A recent DW web-video (click above to watch), which charts the evolution of German beachwear across the last 100 years or so, garnered more than 700.000 views across various internet platforms, including its English, German, Arabic, Turkish, Chinese and Farsi Facebook pages.If however, the degree of exposure exceeds the cultural norms of the setting, or if the activity or setting includes nudity as an understood part of its function, such as a nude beach, terminology relating to nudity and degrees thereof are typically used.Toplessness is regarded by most people as partial nudity.

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Female nudity as political protest Female nudity has historically been part of a repertoire of strategies that feminist movements have used to challenge restrictive conditions imposed on women.

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